About Us

Data Innovations (DataInnov) Consultancy Pty Ltd Swaziland

Data Innovations is a full-service social and market research company combining qualitative and quantitative approaches to deliver rich, operational, and reliable results. The company was registered with a primary goal to carry out evidence-based research work or consultancy in governments, not-for-profit organizations, private and public sectors. At Data Innovations, our researchers are trained in sound academic research principles, and they bring years of agency research marketing experience to the table. Our approach is based on rigorous methods, tested and tried in academia, and modified for the fast-paced corporate world. The type of research design we choose will depend on your unique situation and the questions you need answered. Data Innovations is committed to the following principles to achieve its clients’ survey objectives:

  • Using a wide palette of techniques to create the unique ad hoc solution that best matches our clients’ needs and goals (quantitative, qualitative research, one-on-one interviews, telephone interviews, focus groups, online research, etc.).
  • Combining qualitative and quantitative tools and analyses alternating open-ended and closed-ended questions to deliver richer and more operational results. Data Innovations’ integrative and generalist approach is really ahead in the profession.
  • Thorough understanding of consumers’ experience and motivations using specific techniques.
  • Delivering operational results and actionable solutions. At Data Innovations, we strongly believe that marketing research can be used as a creative tool to leverage brands’ strategies and product innovation.
  • Flexibility and adaptability. Data Innovations’ organization and structure allows us to respond quickly to the schedule and requirements of our clients’ projects.