Data Research and Analysis

Data Analysis and Data Research Services

Businesses need to make critical decisions and formulate marketing strategies based on customer and market insights.

Datainnov can help you gain easy access to business-critical data, secured in business databases. Our experts can also lend a helping hand in abstracting data from various external sources like market data, company reports, and social media, leveraging our gamut of data analysis and data research services.

Our experts are adroit at researching, structuring, synthesizing and generating richer insights from structured, semi-structured as well as unstructured documents, supporting global clients in harnessing the potential of critical data and empowering their decision making process.

An Overview

Datainnov brings a big-picture approach to research, analyzes critical information, and delivers accurate and reliable results so that you can make smarter, faster and well-informed decisions. With our in-depth experience and domain expertise, we help clients in transforming insights into competitive advantage. As part of our wide range of data analysis and data research services, we support right from collating important information through to analysis, synthesis and final report.

Primary & Secondary Research Capabilities of Datainnov

Research Services

A Glimpse of Our Research and Analysis Services:

Business Research: We help our clients find and understand clients, forecast industry trends, learn about their competitors, vendors and partners, as well as the latest industry developments.

Company Research:

Detailed and customized company profiles including mission and vision statement, key products and services, estimated revenues and headcount, locations present, etc.

SWOT analyses of companies with respect to business challenge at hand. Competitor benchmarking with respect to a particular product/ service or an industry in general. Organizational chart mapping with information on key executives

Industry Analysis:

In-depth industry and sector reports including market sizing, industry segmentation, PESTLE analysis, demand-supply analysis, Porter’s five forces analysis, etc.